Andy Kemp

" Give it your all as you will be surprised at what you can acheive "

Have you worked at JE since you left full-time education?

I left school at 16 with 8 GCSE’s to go straight out to work. I was not one for university and a career with JE was seen as an excellent opportunity to grow and develop through Apprenticeships and a great mentoring program.

What was your first role at JE?

My first job at JE was as a Trainee Storekeeper. Here I learned how to book in, issue, deliver and re-order from a large inventory which would have been 4-5 times the size of the one we now hold due to the much longer lead times back then.

What made you go for that role?

For me the role was not that important and the main attraction was employment with a long established top tier organisation. I knew that once I was in, JE had a reputation for promotion within and I liked the sound of that.

How have your skills developed during your time with JE?

I have had a lot of great role models and colleagues who have encouraged me to “give it a go”. I quickly moved through the ranks within our Stores Department when I was encouraged by our current Procurement Manager to take his role as the Purchasing Officer within our very busy Service Department as he was going off travelling.

At this time I was very young to take on this responsibility, as it came with a lot of pressure from customer expectation to management of engineers ensuring they had all the correct jobs and parts for each day’s work. I learned early on that you need to build relationships, as these people would be your support structure. Team work and trust will see you through most situations and we are stronger as a team.

About 7 years into my JE career an opportunity arose in Finance to gain a professional qualification as a Management Accountant. Again it was a colleague who encouraged me to apply. I was successful and JE assisted greatly by allowing day release over the 3 year qualification.

How has JE supported your career decisions?

JE has offered me a lot of development opportunities. I do not feel that I have missed-out by sticking with the same employer throughout my long career at JE. We have a policy of internal promotion when practical and this has proved the basis for my long career.

Finally, what advice would you give someone just starting out in their chosen career?

Give it your all as you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

Andy's journey at Jersey Electricity

Stores Assistant

If you like being organised whilst getting your hands dirty then this entry-level stores role might suit you. You'll deal with stock, tools and materials, ensuring it's available to our teams when needed.

Stores Supervisor

You are the person who makes sure our vast stores are maintained, managed and kept in great working order. You can put your hands on anything when needed.

Transfer available to Finance

Procurement Officer

Put your analytical and personal skills to the test in our procurement team. You'll help administer all procurement transactions, evaluate suppliers and secure good deals for the business.

Transfer available to Finance

Financial Accountant

You'll use your accounting skills to work on making sure our company accounts are in good order and provide reporting excellence to the board of directors.

Team Leader

Whichever team you lead, you will be the first port of call for team queries and support.  As a team leader you will help us deliver our vision and drive employee engagement.

Transfer available to Retail Transfer available to Finance

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