Kristy Page

" JE is a great company to work for, especially now that all of their training courses are available to everyone. "

Have you worked at JE since you left full-time education?

After leaving school, I worked at Ernest & Young for a year and a half before starting at JE at 17.

Two years later, I went traveling but JE gave me my job back when I returned. I left again at 22 to work at Condor for a summer season before again returning to JE.

I left once more at 25 to go traveling and then yes, you guessed it, JE gave me my job back.

What was your first role at JE?

I was a Troubleshooter for the Finance Department which

meant delivering mail to different departments.

For example, if needed, I would send mail (such as electric

bills) out to Switch Board Reception, the Cash Desk at

Broad Street and St Brelade etc.

What made you go for that role?

I wasn’t enjoying working at Ernst & Young and my sister

already worked at JE.

How have your skills developed during your time with JE?

I’ve worked in many areas including retail, when I worked

at the St Brelade Shop on the Cash Desk, helping to cash

up. My skills have developed with each new role I’ve

needed to fulfil.

How has JE supported your career decisions?

They’ve been very supportive over the years.

Finally, what advice would you give someone just starting out in their chosen career?

JE is a great company to work for, especially now that all

of their training courses are available to everyone.

Kristy's journey with Jersey Electricity

Finance Assistant

A finance role, but not as you know it. You'll keep our books in order as well as being there for customers with concerns about bills and credit arrangements.

Transfer available to Procurement

Sales Advisor

Use your people skills to help guide our customers when buying the latest technology, gadgets and appliances. A sales role with lots of scope for progression.

Transfer available to Procurement Transfer available to Finance Transfer available to Customer Care

Customer Care Advisor

Put your people skills into practice. Solve problems, offer solutions and provide our customers with a brilliant level of care and support when nobody else can.

Transfer available to Procurement Transfer available to Retail

Team Leader

Whichever team you lead, you will be the first port of call for team queries and support.  As a team leader you will help us deliver our vision and drive employee engagement.

Transfer available to Retail Transfer available to Finance

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