Mal Livesey

" Whether it's here or elsewhere, choose something that you'll enjoy "

Have you worked at JE since you left full-time education?

I worked as an Electronics Engineer for 8 years in a small repair workshop here in Jersey and travelled for 2 years before working at JT for 4 years as a Planning Supervisor. Next, I worked for myself for 4 years before finally applying to work

at JE.

What was your first role at JE?

My first role was as a Meter Reader.

What made you go for that role?

I sold my shares in the business and knew friends who worked here who said it was a brilliant place to work. The Meter Reading role was the only role available at that time. When I started with JT I started as a Jointers Mate and within 12 months was Supervisor of the Planning Department and thought I could use the same work ethic here to advance to a position I would be happy with.

How have your skills developed during your time with JE?

Since working in the Smart Metering Team and thanks to my time in planning, I have developed my understanding of computer networking and power distribution networks greatly and will hopefully continue to do so.

How has JE supported your career decisions?

My managers have given me every opportunity to advance and have been extremely supportive whilst JE have been very generous and willing to allow me to train and develop once in role.

Finally, what advice would you give someone just starting out in their chosen career?

Whether it’s here or elsewhere, choose something that you’ll enjoy. In my experience, you’re going to spend anywhere from 7-12 hours a day working in your chosen profession, so make

sure it’s a job that you are enthusiastic about.

Reward isn’t just about how much the job pays, although this does become

more important as time goes on and as your responsibilities and family commitments grow, it shouldn’t be a huge factor when starting out.

Mal's journey at Jersey Electricity

Meter Reader

If you enjoy people and getting out and about then a role as a Meter Reader might be the one for you. You'll visit all sorts of customers, take important readings and report back to HQ.

Transfer available to Digital Transfer available to Engineering Transfer available to Customer Care

Trainee Engineer

Develop your knowledge of the finer points of our network, working together with our experience teams to build your own skills and become an Engineer of the future.

Transfer available to Building Services


Fully qualified to work on our innovative engineering projects. You'll help maintain the network that keeps the island running and explore new opportunities with renewable energies.

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