Peter Jelley

" Embrace all the training you are given and ask as many questions as you can. "

Have you worked at JE since you left full-time education?

I completed my GCSE’s at Le Roquier School and attained good grades in art and science. I was faced with the daunting task of deciding what move to make next. JE had put an ad in the JEP for a number of apprenticeships.

I thought with my good grade in physics and a passion for RC electric cars I might have a chance and applied. I was successful and two weeks after leaving school I started with JE.

What was your first role at JE?

My first role was a C&I Apprentice.

What made you go for that role?

JE gave all the apprentices the chance to spend some time in all the departments in the Energy Division. This gave a feel for the work in each department and I liked the Control and Instrumentation Department as it was similar to the wiring and soldering of electronic parts I did with my RC car hobby.

How have your skills developed during your time with JE?

My skills in C&I developed over time to enable me to work on all

the systems and plant within the power station. I was also trained to operate the plant as well as maintain it. This gave me a very broad skill set.

How has JE supported your career decisions?

JE has been very supportive and have enabled me to make a career move in to a management position. They have provided a lot of courses to make the move possible including a distance learning course with Teesside University.

Finally, what advice would you give someone just starting out in their chosen career?

Embrace all the training you are given and ask as many questions as you can. Above all enjoy it!

Peter Jelley's Journey


The start of an exciting career at JE. Structured training will help you develop sought after skills for our rewarding technical roles.

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Trainee Engineer

Develop your knowledge of the finer points of our network, working together with our experience teams to build your own skills and become an Engineer of the future.

Transfer available to Building Services


Fully qualified to work on our innovative engineering projects. You'll help maintain the network that keeps the island running and explore new opportunities with renewable energies.

Senior Engineer

As a senior engineer you'll specialise in one of our disciplines and become a source of valuable knowledge within the engineering team. You'll lead teams of other Engineers to ensure the network stays in perfect working order.

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